Property & Market Research

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  • Property & Market Research

    At 1031 Investment Services we believe the best investment decisions are based on solid information and analysis.  We seek to thoroughly understand the underlying fundamentals of a property and surrounding market before we make a recommendation to our clients.

    In addition to the information provided by the seller/sponsor of a property, we utilize the following in evaluating each property:

    • Market research and forecasts from industry leading research firms
    • Review of tenant(s) financial strength and credit rating
    • Due diligence reports from third party legal counsel
    • Our broker-dealer’s due diligence
    • Sponsor review – which include a review of the sponsor’s track record, management experience and capabilities, and our own direct experience with a sponsor (we have done business with 25 different TIC & DST sponsors)
    • Our own experience in a market (properties in 60 markets throughout the U.S.)
    • On-site property inspections – our firm generally performs on-site inspections of a property and recommend clients do the same before investing

    Tenant in Common & Delaware Statutory Trust Industry Research

    As part of our ongoing research efforts, 1031 Investment Services has compiled a database of over 1200 existing TIC and DST properties from 97 different sponors.  Since 2004, we have gathered data from initial offering materials, real estate sponsors, TIC and DST investors, public record, and people within the industry.   Analysis of this data offers valuable insight into the performance of individual properties, property types, markets, and sponsors. 

    Sources include: 

    • REIS, Inc.
    • CoStar
    • CBRE Econometrics
    • Commercial Brokerage Firms
    • Industry Associations
    • Industry Articles & News
    • Commercial Listings
    • 1031 Investment Services Client Portfolio: Monitoring over $2.9 billion of real estate in 60 markets nationwide
    • Proprietary TIC and DST Property Research and performance data on over 1200 existing properties

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