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  • Testimonials

    “1031 Investment Services has a great deal of experience and a lot of knowledge on how to establish a strong portfolio. They take the time to really research the properties and understand how they fit in with their clients’ goals.”
    - Ellen D., Client

    “1031 Investment Services’ people are real estate experts. I really felt that they were working on my behalf. They thoroughly analyzed the products and made recommendations on which properties they felt met my goals. Because of how well they worked for me, I now recommend them to my clients.”
    - Donald M., Client & Certified Public Accountant

    “With 1031 Investment Services, it’s about information – it’s all about research and understanding what we’d be comfortable with.”
    - Don J., Client

    “I had a client selling a building in Manhattan who was seeking replacement properties with limited management responsibilities. We researched tenant in common investments and found 1031 Investment Services to be the most educated and caring. Together we worked many hours to formulate an investment package which was diversified and met our cash flow needs.”
    - Neal K., Certified Public Accountant

    “They meet with clients face-to-face, they follow up throughout the process, and they really take the time to listen to clients goals. I am always comfortable referring to them because I know my clients will be taken care of and receive the attention they deserve.”
    - Rob P., Qualified Intermediary & Attorney

    “Knowledge of the market and of the properties being recommended is critical when you are doing a tenant in common transaction. 1031 Investment Services really takes the time to research both of these items along with the sponsors offering the properties. And if they do not think a property fits in your portfolio they will tell you – that is incredibly important.”
    - Harold S., Client

    “The advisors at 1031 Investment Services are incredibly knowledgeable. They know properties all over the country and they know the statistics on each part of the country. When my clients work with them I know they are getting the best advice possible and they are in really good hands. Working with 1031 Investment Services has really helped me serve my clients better.”
    - Mick C., Commercial Realtor

    “Our 1031 Investment Services advisor was quite knowledgeable and trustworthy. It seemed he had an infinite amount of time for us, especially during the 45 days of identifying properties. He had the willingness to sit and listen and then come back with suggestions. He stressed we had to feel comfortable, and we did.”
    - Freida R., Client

    “1031 Investment Services can take the complex and make it simple. When my clients want someone who is easy to talk to, make sense, and explain things without being pretentious, I refer them to 1031 Investment Services. They never come across as aggressive – they always come across as knowledgeable, and they work with a great deal of integrity and candor.”
    - David G., Qualified Intermediary & Attorney


    The testimonials listed above may not be representative of the experience of other clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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