Why 1031 Investment Services

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  • Why 1031 Investment Services

    Expertise: Derived from years of experience, focus, and careful monitoring of market conditions and our client portfolio

    Focus: We are exclusively focused on management free properties for 1031 exchange investors, including DSTs, TICs, and Triple Net Lease properties. Unlike many other firms in the TIC & DST industry, 1031 Investment Services does not sell or offer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or insurance; nor do we believe any one firm can have the expertise or time it takes to do everything well.

    A Personal Approach: Personal face to face meetings with each prospective client enable us to better understand your unique goals and objectives and also enable you to better understand our firm and capabilities. All meetings are free and with no obligation.

    Customized Investment and Exchange Strategy: Investment and exchange strategies are tailored to help meet each clients investment objectives, financial situation, and exchange requirements.

    Thorough Property, Market, and Sponsor Review: In addition to due diligence performed by the sponsor company, we utilize the following:

    • independent due diligence review from third party legal counsel
    • independent research from highly respected industry research firms to understand property and market fundamentals
    • independent and proprietary review of sponsors before recommending properties to clients.

    Process Management through Closing: From the initial consultation to closing, our goal is to make the entire process as seamless as possible

    Ongoing Service & Monitoring of Client Properties: We feel that our review of quarterly and annual reports, property conference call participation, and regular discussions with clients offers compelling value to both existing and future clients. Our current client portoflio includes:

    • Assets valued at over $3.0 billion
    • Over 30 million square feet of commercial property
    • Over 24,000 apartment units
    • Properties located in 40 states throughout the country.

    Proprietary Market Research: In addition to monitoring our client portfolio, 1031 Investment Services tracks data and performance on over 1200 TIC & DST properties from 97 different real estate sponsors. This ongoing research effort offers an in-depth perspective on properties, property types, markets and sponsors.

    Deferred Commission Option: Under our Deferred Commission Option we will, with select Delaware Statutory Trust properties, waive the up-front commission and apply it to your investment.  In return we receive a “Deferred Commission” on an annual basis which is paid from cash flow generated by the DST property.  If your cash flow changes, our “Deferrred Commission” will be adjusted in the same proportion.  We believe this structure keeps more of your equity working for you and better aligns our interests with yours over the long term. Click here to learn more.

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